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Welcome toYeagood Inc.
Language : Chinese

China Yeagood Inc.

China YEAGOOD Inc is a high-tech enterprise that specializing in the manufacturing for various kinds of reflective materials. It can be widly use Safety fields ( such as reflective traffic road signs, safety vest etc. ), Signs Meadia and Fashion accessories ( Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Sort of Leisure products). Yeagood has passed through the ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO14001 environment certification.
Our company is advanced in equipments with strong in technical force, perfect in test facilities, assembling scientific reserch, development, production, processing for high and stable good quality with competitive price to effort will continue contribute to the our clients. China YEAGOOD Inc has now become the largest and most professional manufacturer and supplier for reflective materials in Fujian province China. China YEAGOOD Inc is the leader of China Microprismatic Retro-reflective technology at present.

Our company’s various kinds of reflective products sell in domestic and international markets, under exporting to the middle east, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries in the world.






Tel: 0086 - 4008 823 788 / 0086 - 0595-8522 5888

Reflective film: 0086 - 0595-8522 3888 / 0086-0592-576 1548

Reflective fabric: 0086-139 5978 7673

International Business: 0086 - 136 0071 9174

Address: Pujin Industry,Longhu town,JingJiang city,Fujian province,China

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